Cryptolocker and how to get your files back.

A lot of people have gotten the “cryptolocker” Virus lately. This virus actually encrypts your files so that you no longer have the ability to access them. Cryptolocker is also dangerous because it will encrypt connected external drives and network shared folders.

One of the few ways to get some of your files back is if you have Previous Versions enabled on Windows 7. Cryptolocker does not affect the Previous versions of files and they can therefore be restored, BUT only once you have disinfected your computer otherwise cryptolocker will encrypt the file you restored.

Here is a link to a technical article about cryptolocker from Malwarebytes: Article

One way you can protect yourself from this virus and other infections is to do a regular backup. you should also use Anti Virus to scan your machine before you do a backup so that you do not backup infected files. Some Anti Virus Programs are free and you should definitely have one to help you stay protected.

Here are some links to free Anti Virus Programs:

AVG Free


Sophos for Mac (because yes Mac’s get infected too)