Directory Structure

Where your data is and how you can move it around is the most important thing about a computer. The directories(folders) on your computer work exactly like a filing cabinet. You can have a folder within a folder within another folder, the difference on the computer is that you cannot physically see this.

If you accidentally move a folder by dragging it somewhere else then you thought you were, you could have a very hard time finding it again if you do not understand how directory structure Works. Programs you use also store and read information from these directories.

Think of your computer as one big folder(this is your “Local Disk C”) from within this folder you have many sub folders which contain all your data.LocalDiskCWhen you open that folder you have other folders:LocalDiskCNextLevel

One really nice thing about Windows is that it shows you not only which folder you are currently in but also the “directory path”(all the folders you had to open to get to the folder you are in, by clicking the directory path it will show the whole path:


Just in case you do end up misplacing a file or folder Windows makes it easy to do a search on your whole computer for the file or folder if you remember what the name of it is, and it will show you where it is located if it does find it:

DirecoryPathSearchHere is a link to a thorough video further explaining the way Directory Structure(folders) work in Windows: Video

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