Next Unit Computing

NUC’s powerfully small and, if you want to save space in your computer area.  But are hesitant about the Window 8 machines, NUC  is a better solution!! It allows you to get an all in one PC about 4inches x 4inches with and intel i5 processing chip.



 Intel NUC’s

The new Intel NUC’s (Next Unit Computing) are here, and they are SMALL! These tiny little boxes pack quite a bit of power and connectivity.

Minimalistic Style

For those who like a minimalistic style in your home or those who just want to save space on their busy desk without sacrificing computing power for their workload the NUC is right for you.

One of the best features of a custom computer like the NUC is that you can avoid the windows 8 fiasco and continue with the stability and compatibility of Windows 7.



It’s the red box on the right!